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How to Choose the Right Steak

The portion of the beef from which your steak is taken greatly effects tenderness and flavor. Premium steaks come from the rib and loin sections of a cow. These sections are the most tender and contain the most marbling. Marbling is the fat which is distributed throughout a premium steak. This fat melts when cooked and is what gives premium beef its delicious savory flavor. Therefore, the more marbling the better your steak will taste.

The following table below shows different cuts of premium steak and explains their attributes:

Filet Mignon Known famously as the most tender of all steaks. Has less marbling than rib cuts and is therefore less flavorful. Consequently, this cut is often accompanied with sauce or wrapped in bacon to enhance flavor. These filets are cut from the tenderloin roast.
Chateaubriand A thick cut from the tenderloin roast that is prepared like a small roast. Very tender and juicy.
New York Strip Very flavorful but less tender than the Filet Mignon. Very popular because of it's convenient size. Taken from the top loin roast opposite the tenderloin. Also know as the Top Loin, Kansas City Strip or Delmonico. Commonly referred to as a "sirloin" but it is not from the sirloin section of the cow.

Porterhouse /


A cross section of the loin, the Porterhouse steak contains the "T" bone which connects the Filet Mignon and New York Strip. Considered the "best of both worlds" because it includes the tenderness of a Filet Mignon and the flavor of the New York Strip. T-Bone steaks are typically cut from the smaller end of the loin. Porterhouse steaks are cut from the larger end of the loin.
Ribeye The Ribeye is taken from the heart of the rib roast which is also known as prime rib. Ribeye steaks are widely considered to be the most flavorful and succulent cuts of beef. Although not quite as tender as the Filet Mignon, the Ribeye's rich marbling ensures a rich, exquisite, unique taste. This cut is also known as a Spencer steak and Delmonico steak.